Service Packs

Maintenance Updates to tableBASE Version 6

tableBASE Version 6

DataKinetics® tableBASE® Version 6 maintenance updates are distributed as service levels, rather than as individual patches and fixes. Each service pack will contain all the fixes and product enhancements that apply to that service level.

All service packs for tableBASE Version 6 are available from tableBASE support at

tableBASE 6 Service Levels and Relase Notes

tableBASE Release 6.1.1: tableBASE 6.1.1 Release Notes

tableBASE Release 6.0.3: tableBASE 6.0.3 Release Notes

tableBASE Release 6.0.2: tableBASE 6.0.2 Release Notes

End of Services for Version 5

Service for all levels and releases of tableBASE Version 5 has been discontinued as of December 2006.

In order to support our remaining Version 5 customers in upgrading to tableBASE Version 6, we offer the tableBASE Library Bridge product for those who wish to use tableBASE 5 and 6 together while making the transition. The Library Bridge is a leased product, and is available free of charge to maintenance customers for the first 9 months.

For more information about making the transition from Version 5 to Version 6, visit V5 EOS Notification.

For more information about Release 5.1.B for the Library Bridge product, contact tableBASE support at