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Mainframe Batch Window Relief Complete your batch processing jobs in less time. A near-full batch window risks incomplete account reconciliation, failure to adhere to industry regulatory compliance, and your ability to conduct business. DataKinetics batch window solutions dramatically reduce your batch processing time, allowing you to eliminate risk. Optimize mainframe DB2 data access for your Java applications Your newest and most important development is taking place on your distributed systems. DataKinetics Java optimization solutions allow you to access your mainframe DB2 data without running up your mainframe operating costs. Replication Solutions Having data replication or data integration challenges? With one simple yet powerful toolset, we can help you to integrate disparate data sources, enabling frictionless sharing of data across the entire enterprise. Allow your legacy applications and new applications to seamlessly exchange data, and maintain near-real-time synchronization between databases.

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You're focused on strategic initiatives that support the business and help grow revenues -
things like :

  • - Real time access to data for high availability and for real time business
  • - Big data initiatives to consolidate heterogeneous data that enables
    actionable analytics of your data

IT Operations

You're focused on the on-going operations of the IT infrastructure, keeping the lights on while reducing operating costs. We can help:

  • - Reduce mainframe operating costs optimizing DB2 operations
  • - Optimize batch processing, decreasing both CPU and elapsed time

Database Operations

You're focused on reducing the cost of DB2 operations, so that you can concentrate on supporting new applications. We can help :

  • - Reduce CPU associated with DB2 by automated analysis of metadata on a PC
  • - Identify performance bottlenecks and obtain prioritized recommendations


You're looking for a business case that provides a short time to value and a business partner who is not a risk.

Application Manager

You want to make sure this is the best solution to your problem, can be implemented easily and really delivers on its promise.

What's New

Mainframe Cost Control through Query Optimization

Data access optimization for DB2

Data access optimization for IMS

Measurable performance improvements for IT


Getting Senior Management Support of Performance Initiatives
Regional CMG, Atlanta
November 3 - 6, 2014

Analyzing DB2 Offline
August 29, 2014

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We are an IBM Advanced Business Partner. Our products were designed for IBM mainframes and to enhance IBM databases.